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Parliament resumes, sanctioning 'hybrid' working arrangements

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In the first Parliamentary session after the Easter holiday Tuesday, MPs debated and accepted 'hybrid' working arrangements.

Under the plans a maximum of 50 MPs will be allowed to be present in the Commons with up to 120 members being able to participate remotely in proceedings. 

Backbenchers will be expected to apply to take part in proceedings and will be drawn at random. 

Questions intended for proceedings will be published in advance and Speaker of the House Sir Lindsey Hoyle, provided he is able to get  to London, will chair these sessions.

MPs have raised concerns about secure voting, looking for assurance that all 650 MPs will be able to vote securely. 

Verification is also being discussed; how to ensure that who appears to be voting is indeed the individual voting.

Leader of the House and MP for North East Somerset Jacob Rees-Mogg emphasised that the 'hybrid' working motion is strictly "temporary" and the House will return to normal proceedings as soon as is possible. 

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