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Northern Ireland publishes its lockdown exit strategy

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Today Northern Ireland published a phased five step plan it hopes to implement, slowly relaxing the region's lockdown.

Northern Ireland's first minister Arlene Foster announced the details of the steps when addressing Stormont earlier today. 

The five steps are different for different sectors, steps have been outlined for: work, retail, travel, education, family and community and sports, culture and leisure.

Transitions from one step to another will not happen at the same time for each sector. The document published today saying 'steps do not necessarily apply at the same time in different sectors'. 

Foster addressed Prime Minister Boris Johnson's comments about "divergence" in approach amongst the four nations of the UK. 

She said: "Our decisions must be made based on what is happening here, taking account of our particular circumstances within the four nations' approach. Nonetheless, the four nations' discussions will continue."

The first minister said there is no time table in place for the execution of the country's plan. 

She said: "We know some will be disappointed by that". 

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