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Home Secretary Priti Patel announces hidden harm summit

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Home secretary Priti Patel announced today that Prime Minister Boris Johnson, will be chairing a hidden harm summit next Thursday. 

The summit Patel says will drive an action plan covering vulnerable people and domestic abuse victims.

In announcing the summit Patel also commended the work of those already providing support on the front line.

"I actually want to just say thank you and pay tribute to everyone in the sector, the domestic abuse sector, charities and of course refuges themselves, because they are all part of that bigger picture that can help to really pull people together and give them the support they need" she said.

Patel's announcement follows the launch of a new national communications campaign, just over a month ago, to reach those at risk of abuse.

The campaign aiming to direct those facing abuse to where they can get help.

Up to £2m of funding was also revealed alongside the campaign to bolster online support services and help lines.

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