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First time MP Sara Britcliffe delivers first ever online maiden speech to the Commons

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Elected as Conservative MP for Hyndburn in the general election last year December, Sara Britcliffe delivered her maiden speech in the Commons today during the Domestic Abuse Bill debate. 

During her speech she set out some of the issues she would be campaigning for.

Including increasing the support available to those struggling with mental health issues.

Making mention of the fact that she lost her mother to mental health challenges at nine years old. 

She said she would be personally campaigning hard for making sure the "right support is available" for those with mental health challenges.

Her main mission in Parliament she said was "fighting to level up funding investments in the North".

Britcliffe said: "I will be pestering for investment in infrastructure, support for businesses to thrive and grow the Northern economy and to give our children the same opportunities in life, whether they are from Hyndburn, Haslingden or Hertfordshire."

The 24-year-old MP reassured her constituents that on the other side of this pandemic she would continue to stand up and do what was right for their homes.

Concluding by saying: "These forgotten towns, under my watch, will be forgotten no more."

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