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Chancellor promises the “overwhelming might of the British state will be placed at your service” as the pandemic continues to inflict economic strain on country

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Speaking at the Conservative Party conference, Chancellor Rishi Sunak promised the nation that it was a priority to create support and extend the opportunities available to people.

He said that the “overwhelming might of the British state” would be at the service of the British public.

Provisions are being made to help those who want to learn new skills through training and apprenticeships and a kickstart team is seeking to help young people secure quality employment according to the Chancellor.

In his speech, Sunak took the time to emphasize what the government had already done to financially respond to the pandemic as well as committing himself to do more.

Sunak mentioned a number of programs and measures that the government had already rolled out to support the country.

Making mention of the: “Self employed support scheme, eat out to help out scheme, job support scheme, VAT cut for tourism and hospitality sectors, pay as you grow scheme, stamp duty holiday, £2bn green homes grant program, £2bn kickstart scheme, close to a million business grants,12 month business rates holiday, £38bn bounce back loan program, 66,000 plus coronavirus business interruption loans, Future Fund, tax deferrals, support for brilliant charities, billions of pounds of funding to support our most vulnerable, six month mortgage holiday and the furlough scheme.”

The Chancellor pointed out the furlough scheme in particular, saying it was the first of its kind in UK political history.

He then went on to say that though the government had initiated a number of financial provisions for individuals and businesses alike, it was time to get the country’s borrowing and debt back under control.

“We have a sacred responsibility to future generations to leave the public finances strong and through careful management of our economy this Conservative government will always balance the books. I have never pretended there is an easy, cost free answer. Hard choices are everywhere. However, I won’t stop trying to find ways to support people” Sunak said.

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