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Boy aged six wins PM Boris Johnson's daily UK Point of Light award

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Spina bifida sufferer Frank Mills has raised more than £280,000 for NHS charities by walking daily. 

Aged six and only having learned to walk a year and a half ago, Mills caught the attention of Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Receiving Johnson's daily UK Point of Light award today. 

Mills was inspired by the fundraising work of Captain Tom Moore, who recently turned 100 years old. 

A fundraising target of £99, representative of Moore's age at the time, was initially set.This being surpassed in leaps and bounds by £279,901. 

In a letter to Mills Johnson said: "Well done and thank you for all you have achieved for our wonderful NHS."

The young boys family said: 'We’ve been utterly overwhelmed not only by the amount of money given but by the lovely messages of support and encouragement left on his Just Giving page."

Johnson's award has been in operation for six years as of last month, starting in April 2014. 

The award recognises those who are making an outstanding difference where they live. 

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