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Black Lives Matter: What's the mission?

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Black Lives Matter (BLM) on a surface level aim to support all Black people by using a grass routes approach.

Providing a platform for black people to be heard on a local scale. 

It is hoped that black voices become power steering and can 'intervene in violence inflicted on Black communities by the state and vigilantes.' 

Intervention in this context refers to ideological and political disruption. 

The now global network was founded by three young black females: Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors and Opal Tometi. The trio have backgrounds in community organisation, writing, strategy building and art. 

Though the organisation aims to support all members of the black community worldwide, there are specific sections of the community that it lays particular emphasis on and is trying to champion. 

Black women, mothers and members of the transgender community, in particular black transgender women, are encouraged to participate in social justice activities and take up leadership. 

In support of black women BLM says it constructs spaces 'free from sexism, misogyny, and environments in which men are centred'.

In supporting mothers, it creates 'family-freindly' environments that allow wholesome participation with children.

The organisation also stands against what is describes as 'the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure'. Advocating 'extended families' and "villages". 

BLM says it facilitates and cultivates a queer-affirming, communal and intergenerational network globally. 

In the US and Canada combined, the network has 16 chapters. Chapters being localised branches of the organisation.  

Branches include Detroit, LA, Philadelphia, Nashville, New York City and Toronto, Ontario, to name a few. 

Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation is also operational in the UK. 

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