Are Private Schools A Place For Young Black Girls?

In the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement resurgence, there has been a lot of discussion in professional circles about the lived experiences of black people. More than one family friend of mine has been asked about how they feel working for their organisation or asked to share their black experience in general at team-wide training and awareness days and afternoons. I’d like to bring the conversation of black lived experience to the academic sphere, highlighting in particular the private s

Why Are West African Women Giving Their Children Hebrew Names?

The fusing of black and Jewish culture shouldn’t necessarily be too much of a surprise in the Tiffany Haddish era. The American actress’ dad was an Eritrean Jew. Discovering this, she actively sought to embrace her Jewish side and in December 2019 on her 40th birthday, and the day her Netflix stand-up comedy Black Mitzvah was released, she celebrated her Bat Mitzvah. It is all well and good talking about a fusion of these cultures when there is blood involved, but what about when there isn’t? I

Can Black Women Really Read Their Way Ahead In The Workplace?

There are a lot of workplace guides and books out there. Some cater specifically to the black community and black women in particular, and others are marketed for everyone. Whether they cater to black women in particular or not is not necessarily the question – though books like this are very important. The question is whether black women can read these books and translate their new knowledge into success in the workplace. All the authors interviewed echoed a resounding “no” to the idea that bl

Three Black Woman-Owned Businesses That Actually Thrived During The Pandemic

The pandemic dealt many businesses a bad hand. There are several reports of businesses closing, never to return again. But there have also, thankfully, been many businesses that have managed to stay a float and even thrive in the midst of the storm. I’m not just talking about big businesses but small ones too. Small businesses run by black women. I spoke to three women across three different industries that are making it through the lockdown, and thriving whilst they do it. Owner of Healthy Hai

I’m one of 4million who could miss out on a state pension - how to avoid it

WHEN I checked my state pension forecast, I discovered that of the last nine years that I’ve been registered on the system, only two qualified towards my state pension. While I was shocked to discover this, I’m far from alone. Over four million people missed out on a state pension qualifying year in the tax year 2018-2019, according to government figures. There are lots of reasons that people can miss out. For the last couple of years, I have been in full-time education, which explained the b