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Skincare brand Coffee&Honey launches new product today overcoming COVID19 challenges

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First time business owner Naomi Ononuju, founder of skincare brand Coffee&Honey, launched the first product in her skincare range today in the UK and US. 

Ononuju spoke of the challenges she encountered in launching the product as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

She said: "The pandemic has challenged me in the sense that without the coronavirus it might have been a lot easier to have started. Some of my deliveries were help up because of the pandemic and in terms of logistics I wanted to make sure that I could get my product out to each of the countries I cater for.  I had to review my courier services and write off companies from my list temporarily."

Suppliers also had to be contacted she said, to find out what there stock levels were like and if they were still be able to deliver. 

"What I didn’t want to do was launch and then find out that I couldn’t fulfil, I couldn’t restock. I had to make sure I had alternatives as well" she said.  

The skincare brand has launched a coffee and honey body scrub, that claims to relieve skin conditions including eczema, psoriasis and dry skin. 

Ononuju made it clear however that the product did not cure these issues.

Aside from the challenges the pandemic supplied, Ononuju said that there were a couple of other challenges she faced in getting the company and product to this point.

Coffee&Honey the brand was created by Ononuju in her final year of university five years ago. With formulations of the scrub also being tested at the time. 

Some of the challenges she has faced since include understanding the legal side of the industry and harnessing the power of creating the "buzz" around a product.

She said: "What I am putting on somebody else’s skin is extremely important to me and I take that seriously. So I wanted to be sure of everything concerning the legalities, what was required of my type of product."

Ononuju successfully obtained the relevant legal certifications she needed within weeks of the product launch. 

On the subject of creating buzz she said: "Creating engagement is really important these days. People like a story behind a product now and I personally didn’t care for putting myself out there. So for me it was important to understand this need for engagement, putting myself out there, talking about my product."

A combination of a keen interest in business, being one who used to sell snacks in the school playground, and a history with skincare experimentation, being a sufferer of eczema in the past, is what brought about Ononuju's skincare brand she says. 

Signing off with a word to those thinking of starting a business, not just in skincare, Ononuju said: "Get serious, write things down, get a business plan. Do the research yourself, don’t attempt to copy someone else’s model and know what you want to do and who your customers and clients are." 

The scrub uses 100% natural ingredients that are responsibly sourced. 

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