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As one Alison enters the banking world another Alison leaves Imperial Brands

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In the wake of the announcement that Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) had appointed its first female CEO, Alison Rose, bringing a sense of euphoria to the champions of women in top positions, the feminists and the uncategorised alike, it was a very big deal on Thursday when it was revealed that another high flying female CEO was getting the boot. 

On Thursday it was made known that Imperial Brands' CEO Alison Cooper was no longer going to be the company's CEO. This has been described as a massive blow to the accomplishments of women in business everywhere. This has been blown out of proportion. 

According to an Evening Standard opinion by Simon English, she was doing a bad job and was given as much room to do so as any male CEO would have been in her position. 

Not everything is about women's rights and equality and offences against feminism, give it a break why don't you. Nonetheless, women should be encouraged to take top jobs they are qualified for. The emphasis is the qualified bit. 

At the end of the day, if she really was doing a bad job, then it was a bad job regardless of sex. Can we please acknowledge that. 

So as one Alison enters a CEO role in banking, another exits a CEO role in business. The hope is that the Alison left standing doesn't disappoint. But of course, if she does, sex will not be her Achilles' heel. 

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