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Government tells places of worship to avoid singing

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From 4th July 2020 places of worship will be allowed to reopen.

Along with hotels, libraries, community centres, cinemas and outdoor skating rinks.

All venues reopening will be expected to comply with COVID-19 Secure guidelines.

Part of the guidelines for places of worship in particular include refraining from playing instruments and singing. 

The government says that it is working on 'scientific and medical advice around how such activities can best be managed safely'. 

In addition to avoiding singing, places of worship have been advised to:

  • Not allow communal objects of devotion be kissed or touched.
  • Ensure the property of worshippers is only handled by the individuals they belong to.
  • Remove reusable resources like books and song sheets, allowing worshippers to bring their own resources.
  • Not serve refreshments.
  • Close shared washing areas.
  • Discourage cash offerings and continuing online giving. 

Places of worship have also been asked to determine the maximum numbers they can host based on the 'size and circumstance of the premises'.