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First minister Dominic Raab outlines check list of five that must be met to initiate lockdown exit

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During the UK's daily coronavirus update Thursday, acting first minister and foreign secretary Dominic Raab outlined five conditions that had to be met in order for the the country to exit lockdown. 

His announcement follows pressure being applied to the government by Labour leader Keir Starmer's letter, asking for clarity on when exactly the lockdown will end. 

Raab said: "First we must protect the NHS' ability to cope". 

Explaining that the government had to be sure the NHS could provide adequate critical care and specialist treatment across the board on a national scale, should lockdown be lifted. 

He added: "NHS staff have been incredible, we must continue to support them as much as we can."

Secondly the first minister addressed the need to see a "sustained and consistent fall in the daily death rates", ensuring that the country has seen the back of the virus' peak.

Thirdly, there must be "reliable data" from the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE), showing evidence that the rate of infection is decreasing to manageable levels.

Fourthly, Raab said that operational challenges had to be under control    "with supply able to meet future demand". Mentioning in particular Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and testing capacity.

Lastly he said it was crucial that there was confidence "that any adjustments to the current measures would not risk a second peak of infections that will overwhelm the NHS."

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