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Domestic abuse bill passes second Commons reading

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The Domestic Abuse Bill was first published 31 January 2019 and today saw movement for the first time in a long time. 

MP for Basingstoke Maria Miller said: "Whilst general elections, Brexit and pandemics have gotten in the way of this legislation I think we've got a chance to put that right today". 

Chair of the Home Affairs Committee MP Yvette Cooper said: "When the domestic abuse bill was first proposed none of us could have imagined debating it in circumstances like this."

She continued: "Not at a time when there is evidence now that the number of women and children killed as a result of domestic abuse in a few short weeks has increased sharply and is at its highest level for over a decade."

Abusers Cooper said were exploiting the pandemic to intensify their control  over victims and commit crimes. 

Taking advantage of the fact that it is harder for their victims to seek help at this time.

Giving examples of schools no longer being able to keep an eye on vulnerable at risk pupils and social workers no longer being able to visit homes.

Cooper concluded her remarks by saying that Parliament had a responsibility to help those for whom home is not a safe place to be.

When talking about loop holes in the judicial system, Labour MP for Camberwell and Peckham Harriet Harman spoke in particular of prohibiting the "rough sex gone wrong defence" that men on trial for murdering women have used in time past.

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